Liberace Grand piano, 1984
Maker: Baldwin, Cincinnati
Lent by Baldwin Piano Company

Liberace (Wladziu Valentino), 1919-87, built his musical career on the romance of the piano, dressing himself in lavish consumes and placing extravagant candelabra on his pianos. He made his name in the 1950s with romantic, nostalgic performances broadcast to the mass audiences of television. To harmonize with Liberace's glittering image, Baldwin customized this fine grand with 125 pounds of Austrian rhinestones for Liberace's Radio City Music Hall appearances.

photo of Judy Dixon at Liberace's rhinestone-studded piano

Judy Dixon at Liberace piano

photo of Tour group focusing on Liberace piano

Touring group focuses on Liberace piano

photo of Judy Dixon admiring the piano

Judy Dixon admires the piano


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