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A pianist and accordion player, Liz Donaldson plays for Scottish, English, and American contra and square dances, as well as teaching and dancing these styles. She is a member of Dance du Jour, Findhorn, Terpsichore, and Folk Remedy.

In addition to her recording Terpsichore, Scottish Dance Music, with fiddler Elke Baker, Ms. Donaldson has recently released a CD of American contra dance tunes with Alexander Mitchell called Summer Tunes. She is also artistic director and pianist on the new live recording Memories of Scottish Weekend.

Liz Donaldson has taught and played frequently at dance festivals and music workshops including those in Maryland, Massachusetts, and California. Other musical endeavors have taken her to Georgia, Illinois, Great Britain, Canada, and Japan. She is also a composer and teaches "Band-Aid," a workshop for ensemble players.


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