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Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos


Piano Grand!
A Smithsonian Celebration

Photo by Robert Smith

Cyrus Chestnut

"I heard my father playing hymns on the piano and I heard the congregation singing. It's an integral part of me and the music I play. My whole spirit of joy started right there." In youth, influenced by the music of his Baptist church in Baltimore, jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut continues to explore new inspirations that blend with the old. Chestnut began his musical career with such artists as John Hendricks, Terence Blanchard and Winton Marsalis. In 1995, he launched new musical explorations through his recording work with opera singer Kathleen Battle. A student of the Peabody Preparatory Institute and the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Chestnut has been called "a distinct musical personality, buoyant and witty" by the New York Post.

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