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Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos


Dr. Edwin M. Good


Edwin M. Good retired from a professorship at Stanford University in 1991 and came to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History as a Research Collaborator. He is working, together with Cynthia Adams Hoover and a group of volunteer researchers in the Cultural History Division, on an edition of the 19th-century diary of William Steinway, the piano company's financial wizard. Author of "Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos," a technological history of the piano, Dr. Good became involved early in the work of Piano300 celebration. Good is a contributor to "Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano published by Yale University Press in 1999.

In the Washington area, he sings in The Washington Chorus (formerly the Oratorio Society of Washington) and performs regularly as a pianist at the Friday Morning Music Club and with the Rock Creek Chamber Players.


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